Geotechnical & Environmental


  • On and offshore soil investigations
  • Foundation advice.
  • Pile foundations, subgrade foundations, sheet piles, drainage & dewatering.
  • Borehole and CPT(u)
  • Standard Penetration Tests
  • Dynamic Penetration Tests
  • Underwater coredrilling
  • Vibrocoring
  • Soil, rock, sediment and groundwater  sampling & testing
  • Well drilling and pumptesting


  • Electrical Resistance Tomography
    • To  locate and map potential subsoil cavities;
    • To locate bedrock horizon;
    • Determine properties of groundwater.
  • Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves
    • Seismic classification;
    • To locate bedrock horizon;
    • Stiffness estimates.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • To  locate and map potential subsoil cavities;
    • Concrete reinforcement analyses;
    • Archeological uses.
  • Seismic Refraction
    • Determine subsoil layering;
    • To locate bedrock horizon.

Environmental and surveys

  • Environmental drilling
  • Rotary, hollow-stem auger, direct push
  • Monitoring wells installation, well development, groundwater sampling
  • Soil-gas investigation
  • On site soil-gas measurement with PID or mobile GC
  • Visual inspection and historical desk study
  • Coordination sanitation and remediation consult
  • Topographical and Bathymetrical surveys


  • Design & engineering foundations
  • Shallow piling
  • Micro piling
  • Rock and grout anchors

Geotron operates throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.

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